Ep #1: Power of Influence

Welcome to the very first episode of My Time is Now, the leadership coaching show that ignites personal growth and professional development! Each episode will offer up leadership and motivational topics to bring you tips, tricks and wisdom for building your own personal growth and development plan.

I am Charlene Mallay, your exclusive motivational coach and I’m very excited to be publishing the show live for all the listeners out there, so without further ado, here’s the first episode…

Today you’re going to get a peek at a part of my book that I am currently writing, before you can get your hands on it. Tune in to learn about power of influence through leadership and how you can start cultivating it today!

Listen In:


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • My personal journey from a shy person to becoming a confident speaker.
  • Why we experience our power of leadership in certain situations and not others.
  • The importance of being focused on your message and how it can help you become more confident.
  • The history of leadership and how it evolved overtime.
  • The different types of leadership.
  • How to develop YOUR power of influence.

Featured On The Show:

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