How to qualify for Free Coaching!

The New My Time Is Now Podcast

My Time is Now….the leadership coaching show that ignites personal growth and professional development!

What a huge success in the first 4 weeks of  giving away a 1-on-1 Stop Time! Take Action! coaching session (worth $299).

The lucky winner won a coaching session that is jam packed with valuable tools to stop wasting time and get focused on their growth.

Soooooo what does that means for you? I have decided to offer this giveaway for another 4 weeks to give another listener a chance to win the 2nd free coaching package!!!

Each podcast episode will offer up leadership and motivational topics to bring you tips, tricks and wisdom for building your own personal growth and development plan.  And while I’m dead-set on delivering actionable value, we’ll be having some fun as well.

Here’s How to Win:  Once you’ve listened to an episode or two, click on the “Ratings and Reviews” link on the My Time Is Now podcast page in iTunes to leave a review.  Any review – good or bad – qualifies you to win.  Reviews must be submitted by August 1st  at 10:00pm MST to be eligible, and I’ll announce the winner our blog at

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