Ep #12: Living on a Planet Rotating in a Universe

Often times, there’s an amount of risk involved when we are trying to start something new, something that will love us forward in life. Because of this risk, there’s always that piece, where we hold ourselves back. So how do we move past that obstacle?

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On this episode of My Time is Now, we are going to look at how to overcome these obstacles, physical and metal, in order to be able to accomplish these new goals and get you to the next level. Remember, we are all living on a planet rotating in the universe, so dial everything back and ask yourself this important question:  “What are you willing to do today to make your true inner  vision within yourself come true?”

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  •  The things I had to figure out to able to move past my obstacles.
  • The important questions you need to ask yourself to get to you the next level.
  • How to set up a plan for getting where you want to get in life.
  • My challenge to you that will set you on the road to success!

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