Ep #16: Why Is Forgiveness Controversial?

Many people out there have this idea that if they forgive someone, they will forget about it. In a long run, this way of thinking can be very harmful to your well-being, as it will cause you to hold grudges and hate that will build up and end up holding you back in your life.

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This week, I’ve labeled the episode with the question, “Why is forgiveness controversial?,” because I am extremely curious to hear how forgiveness fits into your life. Tune in to find out what positive changes you can expect if you choose the path of forgiveness in your life.

Can you forgive the past to allow yourself to move forward? – Oprah’s forgiveness

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  •  Why choose the path of forgiveness.
  • My personal journey on the path of forgiveness and how it changed my life.
  • What forgiveness can do for you.
  • Why forgiving yourself first is the first step.
  • How you can start forgiving others.

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