Ep #17: The Art of Forgiveness

Most often, it can be very difficult to forget others for things they have done…for many reasons. However, it is important to realize that only after forgiving people can we truly be free of that heavy weight, that constantly brings us down.

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This week on My Time is Now, we continue with our last week’s topic and cover the art of forgiveness. Tune in as I outline the five steps to mastering that art and elaborate on how each step can help you on your journey to freedom. Don’t miss this episode’s powerful advice that will help you achieve the life that you deserve.

What are some of the forgiveness strategies that you have tried that worked for you?

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why not allowing forgiveness into your life can hold you back.
  • What part awareness plays in the process of forgiveness.
  • The importance of giving yourself permission to face the issue at hand.
  • How commitment to letting go and choosing to move forward will set you free.

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