Ep #21: Own Your Choices

It is often easy for us to attribute our current situation, where we are in life at this point, to  some external circumstances and blame your “misfortunes” on others. Today, we continue the theme of building a better you and talk about an important piece of this massive puzzle – owning the choices that you make in your daily life.  It is such a powerful place to be in, when you can stand up and take responsibility for every last choice you make.

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Join me as we discuss how the decisions we make about what to surround ourselves with affect our ability to reach out goals. Find out how owning your choices can improve YOUR life dramatically!

Challenge for You:

  • For every one negative find and research a positive.
  • You own your choices.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How the decisions about what we choose to fill our life with affects our future.
  • Why you should take inventory of how you respond to things.
  • How to get better definitive answers on what choices you should make.
  • The importance of taking stock of how you spend your time.

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One thought on “Ep #21: Own Your Choices

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