Ep #24: The Answers Are In Silence

This week we get into an important set of skills that everyone should develop and even work towards mastering – becoming comfortable with silence. It is crucial to understand the importance silence can have in our lives and the impact it can make on helping us make the right steps moving forward.

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Join me for a look into the two ways that silence can help us find important answers within ourselves and others. As we allow ourselves to spend time alone in silence, we are able to learn to calm our mind chatter in order to find true answers in alignment with ourselves. On the other side of the spectrum, learning to be comfortable with silence as a part of conversation will also give you amazing insights that you didn’t even imagine existed. Click “play” below to learn how…

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why it is important to take time to be with yourself in silence.
  • How to calm that pesky chatter in your mind.
  • Why everyone should learn to be comfortable with silence as part of a conversation.
  • The importance of really listening while the other person is talking.

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