Ep #26: How to Take Unpopular Action

In order for us to grow as human beings, we must continuously challenge ourselves, which often means taking a road less traveled. This journey is not an easy one, as it requires taking actions that are not the “norm,” making them unpopular.

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Often when we are out in public, we put on the mask of our “best” self in order to seem likable to others and avoid rejection. But when we get home and reflect on everything that happened earlier in the day, can we truly say that we fulfilled ourselves in the way that is true to who we are?

Listen in to today’s episode of My Time is Now, to learn how to go about taking unpopular action in spite of the fear of rejection and reward yourself with the fulfilling life that you truly deserve.  Check it out below!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why we are afraid to take a road less traveled.
  • My personal experience with taking unpopular action on the road of self-improvement.
  • Ways to find your true self.
  • My best tips for taking difficult, unpopular action.

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