Ep #27: Do You Know Your Life Purpose?

Ep27 PurposeOftentimes, when we are working towards achieving our goals, unexpected things come up and tend to disrupt our plans and our flow. Fortunately, no matter how extreme these things might appear, it does not have to mean that our whole system, or game plan, needs to be thrown out the door.

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On this episode of My Time is Now, we are getting into the topic of realizing our true purpose and how knowing our purpose can ensure we are able course correct and stay on our path when life throws us curve balls. Tune in for some great advice and inspirational messages that are sure to help you figure what choices to make when unexpected things in your life arise. Click play below!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The definition of purpose.
  • How knowing your purpose helps you make all of your decisions in life.
  • How we can bounce back from making a quick reactive choice and minimize those types of choices moving forward.
  • Three important questions to ask yourself to help you determine your true purpose.

In the Comments Below:

How were you able to overcome your knee-jerk reactions in the past? Do you have more clarity in your responses as a result?

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