Ep #45: How to Unlearn: Part 2 – Ways to Educate

cr_5-oct-24-2016When you hear the word “educate,” what is the first thing comes to mind? Do you think of school, college, or money spent and uncertainty because you’re not sure of what to go to school for? I can completely understand if you feel this way, because I was there once myself.

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On this second part of the series “How to Unlearn,” we are focusing on ways of educating yourself. We dive into the topic of education, what it really means and different ways we can obtain the knowledge that aligns with our goals and dreams. I share my personal educational journey with the hope of helping you open up some doors in that area. Tune in for some inspirational ideas that will hopefully change your mind about education and help you make up your mind on where to seek it.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • My personal educational journey.
  • The definition of education.
  • The most important fact you should unlearn about education.
  • Why education is such a uniquely personal experience.

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