Ep #52: Are You Making Room for Opportunity: Part 3 – Money Resistance

cr_5-oct-24-2016On the third part of our “Are You Making Room for Opportunity” mini-series, we get into  the topic of money resistance and how to  de-clutter that part of our lives. For many of us, this topic is shrouded with lots of emotional pain and negative feelings and is often is avoided

Many people believe that if they have a ton of money, all of their worries are going to go away and they will have no issued to deal with. Usually, when folks have that mentality around finances, they don’t have the proper tools and resources for handling their money properly, no matter how much of it they have.

Listen in for some great tools, tips and advice to on the subject of financial management. Don’t miss this important episode that can help you obtain the financial freedom you’ve always dreamed of!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The importance of educating yourself on your financial options.
  • My personal struggles with financial management and how I overcame them.
  • The questions that can help you get your finances under control.
  • Why you should never resent others who have money.

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