Ep #53: Are You Making Room for Opportunity: Part 4 – Get Clear On Your Career

cr_5-oct-24-2016According to a new report by the Conference Board, the New York-based nonprofit research group, 52.3% of Americans are unhappy with their jobs. However, I am increasingly finding people who are happy with their careers and how things are going for them.

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The good news is that it is possible for us to have a career and be happy with it, as long as we’re willing to put the required time and energy into it. Many folks have achieved this seemingly unreachable goal, including myself.

On this episode of My Time is Now, I’m going to help you get rid of that nasty feeling of being in a rut with your job, and guide you back on the path of learning, growing, and loving what you do. Listen in for some game-changing advice that is sure to help you make that leap towards the career that makes you happy!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to create a plan for finding a career that will make you happy.
  • The negative health effects of staying in a job you hate.
  • What you need to do to make money with what you truly love.
  • Important homework questions to help you get started.

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