Ep #56: On Your Mark, Get Set, WAIT: Part 1- Energy


Energy is an essential component of being successful and achieving our goals, but we are not all wired the same. It’s easy to look at the energy of other people and think that you don’t have the energy level needed to achieve your full potential, but there’s a better way of looking at it. Instead of comparing your energy to others, it’s more important to pay attention to the energy within you and understand your energy flow. By understanding how your natural energy flow works, you can work in a way works better for you.

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Have you ever had an an amazing idea or a surge of energy and you’re pumped about it, only to then suddenly get hit with hesitation that sucks out all your energy and momentum? Your reaction to the hesitation is a huge key to what separates you from being able to achieve your goals and failing to achieve your goals.

In this episode of My Time is Now, I share my own personal struggles with energy, how I approach different situations and projects with different types of energy, and how I have learned to recognize my own energy flow. Our energy has an impact on our career, family, finances, and health so learning how to manage your energy has a tremendous impact on your life!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to recognize your energy flow.
  • How to set the right framework and tone.
  • How to use your energy to your advantage.
  • How to push through excuses and hesitation.

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