Ep #57: On Your Mark, Get Set, WAIT: Part 2- Intention

What is your purpose for each area of your life? What is your aim? What is your intention? Intention is another critical component of achieving goals. However, as we set out on the journey to reach our goals, we often find ourselves in a different spot than we intended. What causes us to wander, stall, or lose focus? When focus is lost, it’s easy to feel like the things we set out to do can’t be achieved.

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What can be done to help us stay focused on our intentions? It begins by identifying those things that have caused us to stray from our original course. Are you facing an obstacle that has proven harder to overcome than you anticipated? Have you put up walls based on the judgement and influence of others? If so, this episode of My Time is Now will help you learn how to tear down those walls and get back on track.

In this episode of My Time is Now, I share the practical and effective things that I have done and regularly do to stay on target to achieve my intentions. I also share how to stay committed through tough times, see the opportunities in front of you, and reconnect with you intentions on a daily basis. Let’s tear down some walls and achieve our dreams!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to identify the walls that are keeping you from your intentions.
  • How to stay on a direct and intentional path.
  • How to take back ownership of your intentions.
  • How to see the opportunities in front of you.
  • How to overcome obstacles that stand in your path.

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