Ep #59: On Your Mark, Get Set, WAIT: Part 4- Get Ready to Fly

Get Ready to Fly

We have made it to Part 4 of the On Your Mark, Get Set, WAIT series. We are now looking over the edge and getting ready to let loose! Are you ready? Are you fearful? If you’re finding yourself afraid, it’s time to take a moment and find out what’s holding you back.

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Fear is sometimes treated as an emotion that can take control of us. It’s in our minds and it can play some serious games with us. Fear is sometimes attached to something in our past, yet we allow it still affect our present and our future. When that happens, don’t look at the past. Look at the future and don’t let fear take control.

In this episode of My Time is Now, I’ll talk about how visualizing your desired outcome plays an important role in overcoming fear, controlling the situation, and helping you fly to where you want to go! It’s time to get uncomfortable, take a risk, try something new, and grow. Are you ready?

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to determine the source of your fear.
  • Why you should remind yourself of what got you to this point.
  • Why you should visualize the outcome you want.
  • How to determine your next steps.
  • How to find the courage to let go.

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