Ep #60: Piece of the Pie

Piece of the Pie

It’s natural for us to have a desire and set goals to reach the top of the ladder. But what happens if you get to the top and it’s not what you thought it would be? I can tell you, because it happened to me. I got to the top and felt like an idiot. Once I got to the top I was disappointed. It wasn’t what I expected, and I couldn’t believe that that’s what I’d been racing toward. Not only that, but no matter what my salary was or what benefits I had, I felt like it was the most unstable position I’d ever had.

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This experience caused me to take a step back and evaluate my situation. When I took that step back, answers started to come. I began to ask questions like, “What is my life purpose,” “What is it I’m here to do,” “Who am I,” and “What do I need to do to get connected to my life purpose?”

The valuable lesson is that when we want to find out more about ourselves, we discover there is so much more around us than we ever realized. That’s when I stopped the race and became more focused on what I’m doing and my purpose. The more dialed in you get with your purpose, you’ll be yourself regardless of who you’re around. By living in your true self and your true purpose, you find the happiness that you are longing for deep inside.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • What is important for you?
  • What is the purpose you’re looking for?
  • Are you still trying to fight for a piece of the pie?
  • Who are you really?
  • How does this compare to who shows up around family and friends?

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