Ep #61: The Law of Diminishing Intent

The Law of Diminishing Intent

When I left corporate America, my energy was high. I was focused on taking action and making big changes. However, over time I allowed other parts of life to take over my focus. To be honest, I gave permission to the other things to take away my focus and my intent diminished.

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When you lose that burning, that desire, and put other things as priority, we lose impact. Should those other things be a high priority? Are we allowing them to take priority because of fear, frustration, or anger? Instead, use fear, frustration, and anger to motivate you. Use that energy to reconnect you to your original intention.

Don’t let your idea turn cold and disappear. When we allow that to happen, we do a tremendous disservice to ourselves and our life. You have come this far in your journey, don’t give up now! Make a commitment to day to your intention that will keep you committed to taking BIG action steps!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • What questions do you need to ask to get recommitted?
  • What’s YOUR burning intention?
  • What action steps to you need to take RIGHT NOW to reconnect to that burning desire?
  • What is the emotion that motivates you to take action?
  • What can you to do turn that burning emotion into the energy that will make you take action?

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