EP #70: Communication Breakdown- The Art of Body Language


When you meet someone, what do you pay attention to? Eye contact? Handshake? Posture? What sort of body language is important to you when meeting someone? Whether you’re trying to ask someone out on a date or trying to secure a business deal, body language is a key element in making a positive first impression. Eye contact is a powerful way to establish trust when meeting someone for the first time.

Are you paying attention to your own body language? A lot of times you don’t realize how your body language is coming across. Did you know you can change someone’s emotional state just by your body language and how you present yourself? Always take a look at yourself and what you’re communicating before you judge someone else on their communication. You can change someone else’s emotional state by how you present your own body language.

Think about the filters you’ve already set in your mind. Has anything triggered your filters today? Are you going to have enough awareness so you can show up and be fully present? Be willing to make yourself a case study so that you can improve your body language. Take time to understand why the person you’re communicating with is demonstrating their body language and how it conveys their message.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

    • The importance of body language.
    • How is your body language coming across?
    • How to pay attention to the objective of the conversation.

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