EP #71: Communication Breakdown- The Art of Being on Time

Being on Time

What does being on time have to do with communication? How do you value your time? Do you use your time effectively? Do you show up to meetings calm, prepared, and on time? Do you show up to meetings late and seem scattered when you get there? How does this impact other areas of your life? Are you shortchanging yourself in other areas of your life too? Do you feel scattered in your health, finances, or getting your desired results? In this episode I’ll give you tips to help get you back on track.

Everyone gets 24 hours a day. How you use that time will impact the results you’re getting in your life. If you find yourself saying that you have no time, then take a moment to figure out what you’re spending your time doing. Are you wasting time? Are the things you spend time on the things that bring you the most value or return? Are there things you’re spending time on that need to be eliminated from your life? When you value your time to focus on results, being on time will be more important, your meetings will be effective and focused, and you’ll actually have more time to relax.

To help get your time under control, keep a week-long log of everything you do to spend your time. After a week, review the log and evaluate your results. Were your results in alignment with your goals? How did this impact your week? What items represent activities that can be spent in more productive ways? Calculate how much time you spend each month or each year doing those activities. What could you do with that time instead? Could you go back to school? Could you learn a new hobby? Could you spend more time with family?

Being on time means that you have more control over how your time is being spent so you can get the results you’re after.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

    • How to make your time more effective.
    • How to have enough time to relax.
    • The importance of being on time.

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