EP #72: Communication Breakdown- The Art of Words


It’s very common for us to use our words without much thought, especially in dialog. Are we all just responding to what is being said without stopping to think about how our message is being portrayed? Have you ever heard something that was said and wondered why they said it that way? Do you think back on what you said and think of other responses you could have used in that moment? During a conversation, the words being said can have a lasting impression on anyone involved, whether positive or negative, for long after the conversation is over.

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Sometimes you don’t realize how much affect your words have on others around you. There are several programs that teach linguistic techniques that you can use to open your communication. Participating in more open dialogs can be so impactful to both and the people you are speaking to. Pay attention to the words you say and the influence you have to those around you is essential. Referring to the dictionary can give you a different aspect on your words, without a social connotation. When others come from different backgrounds, you have to consider different social meanings.

There is great power in the words you use and how you respond. The inflection of your voice and how it is received can change someone’s day. Once you embrace that you will notice your communication changing, and the different level you will be communicating at. Your words can either be damaging or building blocks. It takes time to reprogram your habits, so take small steps.

How do you respond to someone else? What are you feeling? What are they making you feel? Are you listening without the intent to respond? What are you taking away from the conversation? What is going through your mind?

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

    • The impact your words have on those around you.
    • How to open your communication.
    • How to listen and formulate responses that matter.

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