EP #74: Power of Influence Revived


Can you think of a person who has had a positive impact on your life? Is there someone that has helped you along your journey? Don’t just think about big name motivational speakers, think of those that are true and honest and become such a glimmer of inspiration. Think of those that have touched your life in a special and influential way.

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Everyone brings a power of influence every moment. You may not know whom you are impacting, but more people are paying attention than you know. From someone you see every day, to a stranger you pass on the street, people are always watching.

That can be an overwhelming idea. Stay true to yourself and spread a positive message for those to see.

Excuses are easy. They are convenient and help you feel better at the moment, but are they helping you? Stop with the excuses and start changing your life. You may just become an accidental role model as a bonus!

Whose life are you going to impact today? Be yourself. You play a very important role in your life. You may not believe it, but you are affecting those around you.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

    • The influence you have over others.
    • The impact people have on your life.
    • How to change for the better and help others too.

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