EP #75: F Word Freedom


There is so much power in the word freedom. When you use that word, do you stand taller? Do you speak louder? How does it make you feel? Think back to a moment where you were laughing so hard you were in tears; think about how free you felt. That moment when you didn’t feel pain, stress or worry, that’s freedom.

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Are you guilty of taking away your own freedom, or someone else’s? Subconsciously, we tend to apply rules just to fill the void. Sometimes, we set ourselves up to stay safe or to apply boundaries. Do you set up walls or boundaries to restrict your freedom? Do you find yourself pointing a finger because others aren’t fitting into the walls you have set up?

You can also have bad habits that limit your freedom. Clicking a pen, chewing your nails, or even smoking can hinder your freedom. Set yourself free of these nervous ticks! Remember to start small. Do your research and find out how you can stop the habits that are holding you back. Look at when the urge sets in, what are your triggers? Make small steps on the journey to your freedom.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

    • How to act in your own personal self-determination.
    • How to avoid sabotaging your own freedom.
    • How to identify rules you’ve created that take away your freedom.
    • How to begin the process of setting yourself free.

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