EP #76: F Word Fear


Fear can leave you powerless. It can get you stuck in situations that hold you back from your true potential. If you look at fear for what it is — an unpleasant emotion — it seems crazy that it can hold you back from your dreams and desires.

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When you fear the unknown and uncertainty, it can feel like you are entering a huge blank vortex of doubt. What if it doesn’t work out? What if you fall on your face? What if you fail? Fearing failure is a huge setback. No one wants to fail or look stupid. No one wants to face that dreaded I told you so moment.

The biggest fear that will set you back is trusting yourself. You look back and realize your pattern may not be up to par, that you never follow through. Why would it work this time? How are you capable of pulling this off? You are the only one that can build that trust back up. Once you knock down that wall and trust in yourself again, you will be unstoppable!

Fear will always lurk behind new challenges, are you strong enough to face it? Are you willing to see what’s on the other side of fear?

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

    • The true meaning of fear.
    • Top 4 fear excuses that can get you stuck.
    • How to be unstoppable!

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