EP #78: F Word Focus


This is our fourth F word to discuss: Focus

What is focus? Let’s look at focus as how you channel your thoughts and interests. Often, we get so busy multi-tasking, we tend to lose focus and aren’t able to finish one single task. Have you ever lost focus?

You have to commit to your focus. The first step is taking care of yourself, and making sure you stay committed for you. Once you step back and commit to your focus, you can rock one task at a time and be much more effective.

Try out different things to get you into your new life habit. Start small, pick two things to tackle with all of your focus. Make sure your Facebook and LinkedIn are far away when you are reading emails, schedule a time to go to the gym. Have you ever wasted time searching for that perfect get pumped song at the gym? Try making a playlist ahead of time so you can stay focused in your gym time.

Stay focused, stay committed. Pay attention to where you spend the majority of your time. Make the commitment to yourself.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

    • The importance of laser-sharp focus.
    • How to focus on the right thing at the right time.
    • 15 minutes of focus can be powerful to get your tasks done.

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