EP #80: Stomp Ordinary! Bring on Excellence!






About a month ago I made an announcement of something very special coming your way! Well it’s here!

It’s time to:

Stomp Ordinary! Bring On Excellence!

We are in a transition to elevate where we are today into a new extraordinary level. How many  times have you started out saying you are ready to commit to your goals and a day later or even a month later that goal does not seem so exciting anymore? Or the luster of the idea has diminished because of a bad day or someone shooting the idea down?

When we fall into the cycle of lost goals and dreams, we lose trust in ourselves to actually see a goal to fruition. Change your choices and break the cycle! Connect to your inner power today!

Your Inner power is ignited when you give yourself the freedom to align with your own truth (not someone else’s). Your inner power creates the energy to commit to your vision and makes you move to take inspired action.

What you will learn from today’s show:

  • Commit To Your Vision
  • Get Out of Feeling “Stuck”
  • Tame Fear With Courage
  • Use Your Inner Power

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