EP #83: Commit To Continuous Action


Knowing you have been with me on some of the F Word series, I hope you are getting some traction on seeing results from what you are implementing. So let’s talk about what happens if you do not take continuous action…


I know you may be saying, hold up! I need to relax for a minute!
I can understand how you feel!

When you relax, you start to lose sight of the bigger goal. I can tell you this because this happened to me recently. I started getting sidetracked in project ideas that were no longer in my “area” of commitment that my focus was scattered.

Now I am getting dialed in to my main focus. When I talk about continuous action, I am not meaning you have to work 20 hours a day every day to get to your goal. You deserve to get some sleep!

I am talking about continuous action in taking steps to your bigger goal. When you set one goal in place, another larger goal pops up in your head. Then its time to assess what it’s going to take to get to that goal.

Have you ever noticed when you complete a task you feel good, confident, and ready to take a break for a while?

This is where recommitting to a job well done as step to lead you to a larger step. Life does not end when a successful task is completed. The next commitment comes up!

Questions to Ask yourself:

  • What have I completed in my list of goals?
  • What can I do to build from completed goals?
  • Do I feel there is something new opening up for me that I am resisting?
  • How can I best apply the new confident energy I have built in my life to this point?

Have some fun – achieving goals is a natural energy enhancer – try it on for size instead of that energy drink!

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