EP #85: Old Pattern Break Up For Business Owners

cr_5-oct-24-2016What are some ways you can let go of something if you are practicing the same patterns and habits today?

  • Are you running your business with an old set of business principles?
  • Where have those habits held you back in reaching that next platform of success?

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Implementing old business habits that no longer fit in today’s transforming business environment will only get you mediocre results.

I am speaking from personal experience! I used to be that person who would create a consistent pattern on old business patterns thinking it would move me faster in building my business.

I built my career in this fashion but it did not get me very far…Then I got bored with this game fast and decided to take a much different approach in starting my own company. But I was stuck in a cycle of old non-working business principles. It’s like trying to use the old Motorola Razr phone as a smart phone in today’s world….it just won’t work!

The purpose of breaking old patterns is to help elevate you to a new success platform. What really stands out?

  • Innovation
  • Initiative
  • Integrity
  • Relationship Building
  • & Being true to the service and value you bring to the table each day

This year business will start transforming into a new paradigm…ARE YOU READY?! Because it will not go back to the old days and ways and you will be left behind!

Where to start, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why do you choose to run your company?
  • Why do you choose to have a team support and work for you? Are you listening to them?
  • Why do you choose to spend your time practicing old business patterns that get you mediocre results?

When you dig into these questions, and become honest with yourself here’s what will show up:

  • You understand the value you bring to this team & company. You choose and want to build relationships here because you understand the greater cause and service you bring to the market.


  • You realize you have been fooling yourself by surrounding yourself with a company and team in which you do not want to be in and you just want to get by with mediocre results. This is a huge signal to spend some time to think about what you really want out of your company and service you are trying to provide in your market OR your competition will crush you!

Share with me how you plan to break up old patterns on my site at www.mytimeisnow.co

See you all next week as we get into the interview of the month with Chuck Blakeman – stay tuned!


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