EP #87: Wake Up & Break Rules

Wake_Up_Break_RulesThe message in today’s episode is designed to Wake YOU UP and To BREAK Some Rules! I am not talking about going out and creating mass destruction. This message is subtle…it’s that quiet voice to get you to wake up and break rules.

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Here’s what I mean. You are in one of these modes constantly (this can change moment to moment, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly):

  • You want to make a major or a few major Professional/Life changes
  • You want to gain more knowledge/education around the changes taking place in your world
  • OR You want to be able to ENJOY what you have going on in your life at the moment before the next change occurs

Going through any of these modes means you cannot sleepwalk your way through. You will end up missing out on key points that will help direct your next LIFE step.

So how can you open yourself up to see your unique power that is waiting to be unleashed? Here are some keys:

  • Forgiveness
  • Value
  • Integrity
  • Elevate Consistency

4 B.S. common statements people will say to make you doubt yourself and doubt the progress you are making along the way of personal/professional development:

  • It takes 2 years/10,000 hours to get financial success or any success – Actually, it starts from the time you are born and success development is with you every day!
  • You Can’t Have it All – Somewhat true, but you can have All of what you Want – you must know what you want and don’t waiver from it!
  • You can’t be successful and have great relationships – YOU control who you attract and want in your life – no one else; Part of success is through great relationships!
  • You must seek opportunities –  YOU ARE the opportunity – tune in to your value, integrity; YOU are here for a reason/purpose – Wake up to it!

Finally: BREAK RULES – The rules you have in your mind that are holding you back, the rules that no longer serve you today!

Share with me how you plan to Wake up and Break Rules! Add in your comments below.

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