Leading Edge Digest – February 2016

Leading Edge Digest

by: Charlene Gilman, Executive Edgeworks LLC

Read It Here: Leading Edge Digest – February 2016

Last year in the December Leading Edge Digest, I mentioned the theme for 2016 would be about LETTING GO!

I must say, I am seeing the power of momentum leading up to this theme. Many business owners and business leaders are undergoing great transformation professionally and personally. This energy has hit me as well. Executive Edgeworks is shifting into a new paradigm that I am working on sharing with you as the time unfolds during this powerful year!

In addition, my personal life is transforming in such a way that is making it easier with letting go of friendships that no longer serve my journey today. Along those lines, spring cleaning has come early for me and I have rid myself of material items that were weighing me down.

What about you? How are you managing your transformation and letting go process? Are you resisting or letting go?


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