EP #93: Transformational Shift

cr_5-oct-24-2016Have you been feeling that transformational shift? The change in the energy and a change in people’s moods?

I was recently speaking at a Real Estate Luncheon of about 50 people. I mentioned the shift in the energy and transformation, and I had several individuals agree with this statement. Some of them were so blown away to hear this was an epidemic that they opened up in sharing their stories of  what is shifting and changing in their lives.

What a pleasure it was for me to see and hear this news. Or better yet, hearing my friends talk about their own personal transformations!

Now you may be saying what do you mean an energy shift, what does this have to do with me? I didn’t get this invite!

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The honest truth is that the shift may have been too subtle for you to experience. Or maybe this shift is not happening in your life at the current time. This does not mean you missed the boat! What this does mean is that you have a huge opportunity in front of you right now.

You have an opportunity to change the way you are thinking today, change your current perceptions and behavior, get curious on what changes you would like to make in your life.

This ties in directly from the last 2 weeks on Emotional Intelligence. Your EI will help determine what is missing in your growth to transforming your life to the experiences of your desire.

When I talk about desire, I am meaning the desire to produce fulfilling results not the results that you regret later down the road (too much emotional baggage with that).

What can you do to transform to a better you?

  • Get an accountability partner who will urge you to keep going when you feel like giving up
  • Associate with like-minded individuals who have a drive that is on par or above your vision/goals
  • Check in with yourself each evening to ask where you should make changes/not make the same mistake from the current day
  • Be proud of what you are accomplishing each day – Do not let anyone take your victories away from you
  • Commit to a better and transformed YOU


This is your time, You are the only one who can make it happen. No MORE excuses.

Share with me how you want to transform your life at www.mytimeisnow.co

See you next week as I get into the next juicy topic – stay tuned!

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