EP #102: Disruptive Excellence – Tuning In



The message for today is meant to break the conventional ideas on how one may perceive the way things should be done.


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Before getting into today’s topic, I would like to bring in some definitions:

  • Disruptive – Undisciplined, Ideas that radically changes an industry or business strategy
  • Excellence – Distinction or Quality of being really good

I have a book coming out in the next couple of months. The name of this book is called Wake Up! Break Rules! (www.wakeupbreakrules.com). This whole book is meant to disrupt thought patterns that keep us in a comfort zone.

While writing a section on Tuning In, I felt like the timing was now to relay this message to you instead of waiting. I have mentioned before that this year creating some major shifts in business, people’s lives, and technology.

How can someone tap into this change and harness the opportunities?

Take the time to tune in. This means each day there should be some time allotted to getting quiet. Those answers you are searching for are coming from within. It’s the quiet time when the best ideas and answers have come my way. Sometimes we are under so much chaos, it seems impossible to slow down enough to be still. When we are under too much chaos, we start to make drastic decisions that move you further from your set of goals.

This is the time to quiet the little voices inside your head. Release the worry, fear, frustrations, distractions and short-lived excitements. If you are spiritual or have a God you pray to, this is the time to listen in. The ideas that start to emerge may seem disruptive to your own patterns. The quality of the ideas could actually make some massive changes. When you are tuned in, the will to act will seem disruptive to you but the underlying message may actually be what is needed to reach a  new level of excellence.

Let It Sink In: Quality Ideas for Radical Changes!

Too many times we fall into the chaotic flow that we forget to reconnect with our own grounding source. The source that acts as our compass, gives us ideas, and tells us when to move. The chaos becomes so loud in our lives that was miss out on listening to the voice that gave us the set of original ideas to begin with.

I have found various techniques to help me tune in. As I continue to reinvent and evolve, the quiet and tune in techniques change as well. Some people prefer yoga, meditation, going for a walk, or sitting quietly as ways to tune in. Find what works best for you in that moment.

This is your time, You are the only one who can make it happen. No MORE excuses.

Share with me on how Disruptive Excellence has helped you and your community at www.mytimeisnow.co

See you next week as I get into the next juicy topic – stay tuned!

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