EP #108: Shawn McBride Interview – What’s Love Got To Do With Business Partnerships and Business Laws

Shawn McBride

In this episode, Shawn McBride, shares how Business Partnerships can quickly go sideways when business laws are ignored during business changes. There is the love in the education that Shawn brings to the forefront to keep business partnerships healthy and successful.



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Shawn McBride works with business owners that want to lay the foundation first and get their business going in the right direction or assess where they are and set the stage for a brighter future for their business. His goal is to educate his clients so that they understand the law and can make sound decisions on legal matters affecting their business.

As founder and Managing Member of The R. Shawn McBride Law Firm, PLLC, he has guided the Firm to be business focused. The Firm’s mission is to protect business owners. Shawn is commonly involved, at some level or another, in most Firm client matters, which usually includes protecting business owners in some way, shape or form. It might include looking at buy-sell arrangements for a client that owns part of a business to protect their long-term wealth. Or it might include helping a company successfully bring in investors.

Connect with Shawn:

In this interview Shawn answers the following:

Section 1: Business Partnerships

  • What are common issues that affect business partners when working jointly?
  • When running a business in partnership, what type of entity should owners select?
  • How can business owners protect the economic value of the business in the event of something happening to a partner?
  • What is the best way that partners can plan on managing the business in a disagreement?

Section 2: Shawn’s New Book (10 Quick Tips to Strengthen Your Business)

  •  What was the purpose behind writing this book?
  • How common are the issues in the book?
  • Why would a business owner or manager benefit from the book?

 Section 3: Shawn’s Signature Speech (The 3 Laws of Empowerment)

  • What inspired you to get this message out there?
  • How will business owners and managers benefit from the presentation?
  • What are some takeaways that apply to every business, and that our listeners out there should consider?


See you next week as I get into the next juicy topic – stay tuned!

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