EP #109: Image vs Vulnerability



In this episode, I am sharing a story on how image can hold you back from taking a chance in changing lives for the better.

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FIRST: A huge “Thank YOU” to my expert guests for being vulnerable in sharing their stories and how they are making a positive impact to businesses today!

 I am sharing a message from my latest newsletter on Image vs. Vulnerability

 I am curious to know:

Do you favor your image over being vulnerable?

I had the opportunity to see how a high-end professional was more willing to “save-face” instead of making a huge impact on teaching others how to remove limiting beliefs that hinders success.

As, I started reaching out to the experts who interviewed for my upcoming book, WAKE UP! BREAK RULES!, I had one expert who did not want to use the information she provided. Actually, this expert was very clear in letting me know she never stated the words I had written for her section of the interview.

To minimize this conflict, I sent her a copy of the interview for reference. I explained my goal in sharing exact words and information from the recording was to show others that they are not alone in their own journey when trying to live a fulfilled life. It takes quite an effort to remove beliefs that do not serve a higher purpose. Why not be vulnerable and open to connect with humanity?

However, the response I received showed me where people continue to fail and struggle due to conflict between image and being vulnerable. “As someone who is an expert on image, I really try to be impeccable with mine in every form.” Needless to say, I dropped this interview from the book.

The Challenge: Where have you allowed image to stand in the forefront of your business instead of being vulnerable?


See you next week as I get into the next juicy topic – stay tuned!

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