EP #113: Merit Gest Interview – Participation Trophy Not Included In Business



In this episode, Merit Gest brings to light that business is not a place to expect a participation trophy. IN addition, she shares how an organization can shift their work culture that is engaging and productive and why slackers are dangerous for a work environment.



Listen in here:



Merit Gest infuses more than two decades of human dynamics, sales and leadership experience with comedy to grow people and profits.  She is a Keynote Speaker and President of Merit-based Professional Development, a Denver based firm specializing in getting new hires up to speed as fast as possible and retaining top performers as long as possible.  She’s got a new book due to hit bookstores at the end of August 2016.  The working title is “Participation Trophy Not Included: This Isn’t Little League, It’s Business”

 Merit discusses the following points of conversation:

  • Is this a commentary about the younger generation or is this a mindset that affects people of any age?
  • What can an organization do to move people from “just showing up” to doing “extra credit” effort andearning a trophy?
  • You talk about people becoming the MVP of their business.  What about the people who are already MVPs?  How does this help them?
  • Seems to me there are two people affected by the people on a team who do the bare minimum… say something about the people who have to make up the slack of the slackers and the people who lead the team, department or organization.
  • What is The Merit Method?
  • What do you feel would be the impact if you decided not to share your book, message, expertise?
  • What is one characteristic that you believe every leader or aspiring leader should possess?
  • What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a leader?
  • Of course, feel free to ask me anything, but these jumped out as most relevant for my topic.  I defer to your experience as to the order of the questions.



See you next week as I get into the next juicy topic – stay tuned!

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