EP #114: Tom Allen Interview – Adding E-Learning To Your Business



In this episode, Tom Allen shares his expertise on how to expand your reach and increase revenue through an e-learning platform. Many times businesses will steer clear of this marketing leg due to lack of knowledge in this area. Tom shifts the mindset to show you how this platform could be a bigger benefit than we realize.

Listen in here:



Tom Allen, is President/CEO of Opango. Utilizing his 20+ years’ experience as a private pilot, entrepreneurial mentor/advisor, leadership trainer, process improvement specialist, and operations/product development engineer, Tom guides startup entrepreneurs, seasoned business owners, and product managers through the process of creating a well thought-out executable business plan and roadmap to take their ideas and business to the next level.


Tom discusses the following points of conversation:

What is Opango?

What prompted you to create an e-learning platform?

A Case for ELearning:

1)      Expand your Reach, Lower expenses, Increase revenue

2)      Increase the efficacy of Instructor Lead training (there are 3 upset people)

3)      Establish your brand

4)      Online courses stand in court

5)      Create your 1st Course (Science of Instruction) (Mobile First)


Connect: www.opango.com


See you next week as I get into the next juicy topic – stay tuned!

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