Charlene Gilman Trims The Fat Off Your Mindset In Her New Book: Wake Up! Break Rules!


New book “Wake Up! Break Rules!” by leading motivational coach Charlene Gilman encourages all to drop preset stereotypical beliefs and prepare oneself to live the destined life that actually complements with his/her true goals & ideals.

You are receiving this message for a reason.


Maybe this book is for you or maybe you know someone who is searching for some new answers on life in which this book’s mission acts as a tool to get that person on a new track in life experiences and results.

Will you help me reach out to as many people as possible?

My goal is to reach as many souls as possible in sharing a WAKE UP message.

What better timing during a special time where I am allowed to offer my book for FREE for a limited time (August 2, 2016 – August 6, 2016).


Special Offer: FREE copy of WAKE UP! BREAK RULES!

Available August 2, 2016 – August 6, 2016  – Get Your Copy Now 

 How You Can Help:

Please share this message, news link and/or book trailer with at least 5 people you know who are hungry for a positive life change with lasting results.


Book Trailer – Watch the 1 Minute Video 

In The News – Read The News Article for Wake Up! Break Rules!

Order Your Free Book – Amazon FREE Book Copy (Limited Time)


More About the Author and the Book 

While self-help books have seen a huge resurgence in popularity, both readers and critics are becoming disenchanted with volumes chock-full of vanilla intangibles and story after story of the author’s own self-titled success. Charlene Gilman isn’t just a self-help author, she’s someone who has made personal development a way of life and is passionate about helping others create actionable, measurable change.

‘Wake Up! Break Rules! It’s Time To Man Up & Live Your Destined Life’ is unlike anything else on the market because it doesn’t tell readers how to live, but instead empowers them to realize true prosperity through actively rebuilding the cornerstones of their life.

Read more here:




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