EP #116: The Man Up Message


I am excited to share a personal message with you today. While I was writing and  marketing my book Wake Up! Break Rules! It’s Time To Man Up & Live Your destined life, I came up against resistance to the phrase “Man Up” in the subtitle.

Listen in here:


Examples of reactions I received:

  1. I am sensitive to “Man Up”
  2. Go for something softer
  3. Change the subtitle completely – I do not like it
  4. Ask other women what they think before using it. I think women will hate that phrase “Man Up”

I am so curious to know why people are stuck on a phrase when there are larger issues to take care of in their personal and professional development.

When I see this type of resistance, it leads me to see where people are looking for an excuse to not face deeper underlying issues that is truly holding them back.

Example: Let’s say you love to eat

But you are gaining weight at the same time, feeling low on energy, and you know in the back of your mind this “love” for eating is going to have to change.

Instead of facing the truth, you decide to eat more, buy larger size clothing, and fall under a list of new health issues that are coming your way.

Your doctor has now prescribed you medication for high blood pressure and for diabetes.

You resolve to the your “truth” that this is how your life is now going to be moving forward – filled with prescriptions and foods that do not offer the proper nutrition.

When you implement “Man Up” in your life: You are facing all the decisions and choices you have made up to this point. You are taking corrective action to reinvent yourself to becoming the person who is ready to show up.

This process takes time, it takes courage, it takes LOVE for yourself to be HONEST.

Are you ready to man up or stay stuck on a phrase that leads to more excuses?


Share with me on what holds you back and moves you forward at www.mytimeisnow.co

See you next week as I get into the next juicy topic – stay tuned!


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