EP #118: Maura Sweeney Interview – Take The Comfort Zone Exit & Step Into Your Bigger Life

Maura Sweeney


In this episode, Maura discusses getting out of well-worn boxes we’ve put ourselves into and also address the topic of age-ism.



Listen in here:


About Maura:

AuthorPodcasterInternational Speaker and Huffington Post Blogger, Maura Sweeney is the officially Trademarked Ambassador of Happiness.

A popular voice piercing through multiple demographics, Maura has been featured on NBC-TV, Britain’s BBC and over 100 media outlets in the U.S. and abroad.

Recommended as an endorsed coach by Law of Attraction Magazine, she’s also the creator of Foundations of Happiness, a multi-media course for emotional intelligence. What’s surprising is that Maura Sweeney had no “official” background for what she does: she didn’t launch this vocational career until she was in her 50’s!

Maura discusses the following points of conversation:

  • I was trained and groomed for a career in law, but I was a globally-minded creative with a universalist outlook. I left law school mid-stream because my inside light was being extinguished daily and I couldn’t endure spending 40 years in a profession that didn’t speak for my soul.
  • At age 34, I transitioned into a mother and a home schooling parent who worked part time with my husband at our computer firm. This time marked another total transformation and identity swing.
  • In my late 40’s, with our daughter approaching college, my husband and I decided to close a profitable computer firm (annual sales $50M+) and financially comfortable existence in exchange for a new and exciting one.  We wanted to create new lifestyle careers that would positively impact culture.
  • The bottom line: Incredible mindsets that had to be broken through in leaving one form of life and creating one that was yet to be revealed — all while looking at the Big 50!


Website: www.Maura4u.com

Twitter: @Maura4u

Book Links (for my Ecourse): http://maura4u.com/course/foundations-of-happiness/



See you next week as I get into the next juicy topic – stay tuned!

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