EP #124: Quality vs. Quantity



In this episode, I will discuss the importance of quality over quantity.

For the past five years I have been hearing more and more about quality having more importance over quantity.



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  • The quality of relationships is more important than the number of relationships you hold whether that’s personal or professional.
  • The quality of service is more important than the number of clients you work with.
  • The quality of the food you eat is more important than the quantity of calories you take in.

However, where is the disconnect happening for us where we constantly chase the quantity and expect more quality?

Over the past couple of months, I have been doing book signings. In working with the location of each event, scheduling photographers, and a videographer, I recognized a huge disservice in quality.

There was something about the quality of service that did not sit well with me. One event had a vendor who produced high quality results that caught my attention. The next event had a vendor who produced low quality results…that I would not use those services again.

The funny part about these two vendors offering the exact same service:

  • The one with high quality cost a very minimal amount. He was truly passionate about the quality of work he did and the quality of what he delivered.
  • The other vendor with low quality cost the most and handed me 10 business cards to share with my sphere of connections and asked me to tell everyone about him and his services. He was more focused on quantity with low quality.

Questions for you to consider in building  more quality in you life:

  • Where are you today in your life where quantity is more important than quality?
  • What type of results and satisfaction are you achieving in your life today with quantity?
  • What must you do to stop and design your action steps to be focused around quality?

This is your time, You are the only one who can make it happen. No MORE excuses.

Share with me on what allows you to build more quality in your life at www.mytimeisnow.co

See you next week as I get into the next juicy topic – stay tuned!


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