EP #142: Inner Clarity To Life’s Foundation

denver_book_me_picThis week’s episode revisits Episode 32 on how to gain Inner Clarity – getting dialed into your life vision and inner truth. This is a great building block that will help keep you on track on those days you feel like giving up!

Listen in here:


This is a powerful step in the direction allowing you build a stronger life foundation that matches your true destiny.

Ask Yourself:  Who Do You Want to Be?

This question is designed to allow you to pick from every option you have seen or imagined! For example, do you want to be the best parent to your child? What does that look like to you?


Do you want to own your own business one day? What type of business is it? Who is your consumer or audience?

The options and opportunity are endless.

It took me many years to find my way to speak out loud the words of my inner compass.

I realized, that when I am speaking from a power of authenticity, there is no room for the negative judgment that I feared. Do I have critics? Yes, and I respect the feedback.

In addition, I have much love and support around me that inspires me to keep moving forward. I am more and more comfortable in being in alignment with my true self that I am fearlessly curious and excited to see all the opportunities that are coming my way.

It takes patience to get used to this newness that is unfamiliar territory. YES, it is scary sometimes but I would not trade it for the old ways of how I was living my life (familiar territory).

What do you need to do to get in the zone with your Inner Clarity?


This is your time, You are the only one who can make it happen. No MORE excuses.

See you next week as I get into the next juicy topic – stay tuned!

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