EP #149: Peter Svenning Interview – Leadership By Heart Coaching

In this episode, Peter Svenning and I have a conversation on communication. Peter is a leadership by heart coach who values each human connection that comes through his life.

Listen in here:


About Peter:

peter-svenningPeter Svenning has recently written and published two books about effective communication, and how people can improve their workplace relationships, and mindfulness and meditation. He also owns his own coaching business called Leadership by Heart where he coaches business representatives on effective communication and the art of being present in a given moment.

In both books, he’s focused on actionable steps, as he does in his coaching, and practical examples on how to improve relationships, not only in workplace. Peter Svenning has travelled the world with a spiritual perspective and a business perspective. He has used this unique combination in the boardrooms of some of Norway’s largest and most successful companies. He has coached CFOs to increase turnover by over $12 million in less than a year, and CEOs to change the way they speak with employees to reduce staff turnover.


Peter discusses the following points of conversation:

  • Peter Svenning Introduction
  • What motivated you to get into your line of work today?
  • The communication discussion with your host, Charlene Gilman

Connect With Peter: http://petersvenning.com/


See you next week as I get into the next juicy topic – stay tuned!

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