EP #156: Live Your Dream: Have It All

This week’s episode revisits Episode 35 on how you can have it all in life when you live out your dream.

Listen in here:


denver_book_me_picHow many times have we heard the phrase: “You can’t have your cake and ice cream too?”

That is a saying of the past and yes, YOU Can have it all. When I hear people say that around me, I know I should not receive advice from the ones that are thinking small.

What advantage would I have obtain advice from this type of source?


If you have a desire to have it all in life, it’s important to self-analyze the following cornerstones of life. Honesty is most important for this process to be life changing:

  • Career – Learn to align your talents with a profession that can use your talents AND challenge you to tap into dormant skills that will continue to develop your path.
  • Finance – It’s ugly, but when you pay attention, comb through all the tangles, it’s beautiful!!! And very well managed with a healthy perspective.
  • Relationships – YOU are number one to fix a relationship with BEFORE looking at other relationships; then decide what type of relationships you would like to have in your life, Who supports you, Who challenges you to be your best.
  • Education – Who and where are you gaining USEFUL knowledge?
  • Health (Mind/Body/Spirit) – Feed your mind – make better choices on what you decide to pick up and read; Exercise – find activities that make you feel good and go do it!; Spirit – We talked about this one in the last episode, but pay attention to the intuition/gut feeling – this is your guide to what is required in your life development.
  • Recreation – Means Re-CREATE! Find hobbies that let your creativity shine! You will be surprised to see what type of skills are truly HIDING from you unless you find ways to have some fun.
  • Community – How do you give back to those around you? It helps to develop yourself, but take time to give back – whether its volunteering time, donating money, donating home goods, etc. What are you doing to develop those around you?

This is your time, You are the only one who can make it happen. No MORE excuses.


See you next week as I get into the next juicy topic – stay tuned!

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