On Your Mark Get Set…..WAIT!

Have you ever had an amazing idea or a surge of energy and you can’t wait to get started? YOU are pumped ready to go, then all of a sudden HESITATION creeps in for a split second and all that pumped up energy is DEFLATED? This reaction is huge key that separates you from achieving your goals and not achieving them. We all run into this from time to time. Some people stay in this state of hesitation all of their lives! So how does this affect our energy to complete tasks, goals, or even setting new goals?

Definition of Energy: ability to be active : the physical or mental strength that allows you to do things; natural enthusiasm and effort

Your natural flow of energy allows you to reach higher levels of success in all areas of your life, but only if you are will to take action or become active within how you use your energy.

Listen in to the 4 week series on this topic here:





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